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a danish word

the meaning of soap

The beginning of Saew

Legends say that the Great Vikings of Denmark would use these so called "Saewer" (Pluralis: 1 saew - 2 saewer) for awesome shower parties in their mighty bathing houses after they have had victorious viking battles. The vikings were very aware of their appearances and the power of natural ingredients so their concocted magical compositions from seeds, oils and flowers for enchanting soaps. All these secret recipes are slowly being revived by Saew Danish Soapery!

Where does the name come from?

The ancient word "Saew" comes from a specific mix of Oldish-Funen and North-Western Jutlandic dialect from Denmark where it originated in the age of vikings as a part of their bathing rituals. Even though it originates from the conquering days of the Vikings, it is still recognized and understood throughout most of Denmark however, in some cases from the eastern parts of Denmark, some inhabitants seem to react unknowingly to this ancient dialectic word. 

Pronunciation instructions:

Saew is pronounced by starting an s sound (like in Summer) while fake-smiling (like when you are smiling at your mother-in-law) for then to proceed pronouncing eeh (not iih, but eeh!) and remember to keep the fake smiley face while saying eeh - Proceed then from fake-smiley face to form a trumpet mouth (like saying an U) while maintaining the tongue's position throughout the process to say ow. 


The Ethics & Code of Conducts

of Saew Danish Soapery

by Dag Søgaard

Just because its natural, does not mean that it is always good

Haha very funny doctor Jones - We are a soap company making natural soaps and this is the first thing we write about!? I can see this might create confusion for some but the saying is also true the other way around which means that synthetic ingredients are not always bad. In fact, most synthetic ingredients are more safe because they have been more thoroughly purified and tested. You see, Natural ingredients contain a lot more different stuff compared to pure synthesized stuff. But sometimes these synthetic ingredients are not well enough studied and can have some unforeseen side effects since they come in such a unrefined form.  

We never ever use Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulphate 

This is one of those things that we regard as a cheat-ingredient. They are really easy to use and makes alot of foam.. however, it is a cheap mass produced synthetic detergents classified as a skin irritants and it is used in almost every mass produced hand, hair or body soap or shampoo. Because the chemical is a strong surfactant it will create large foam which blinds you into thinking this is a good product while it pulls out all of your skins natural oils, leaving you dry and brittle. Notice how many of your products have this ingredient. 

No Palm Oils

You can't escape palm oil. If you use tooth paste, buy baby food, eat pizza, like to drink alcohol, eat cakes (the list goes on) then you are consuming palm oil. Since 1973 the demand for palm oil has risen and deforestation currently accounts for 41440 square kilometers which is the same as nearly 8 million american football fields. This is heartbreaking. However, there is hope for a renewable source and until we find a sustainable solution we wont use palm oil.

No synthetic detergents or surfactants

We take pride in knowing that our products are based on pure soap

which makes a silky smooth foam and a natural touch of the skin. 

No harsh preservatives

This is a fun subject because preservation of cosmetics can be done in many ways, but you have to be very precise. For preservation of our products we use a carefully measured system of natural ingredients to prevent microbial growth. 

We thoroughly test our products

When a new product is launched, it has already been tested through alpha and beta testing for functionality, safety and storage capabilities. Since our products does not contain synthetic preservatives, they will behave natural to drastic temperature changes and humidity so we advice to store the products with care. With that said, our products are made to last with high quality to the final bit.  


For some products, we use mineral oxide pigments because they are very stable and inert i.e. they do not react to anything and they just sit there and display their nice colors without disturbing anyone. Mineral pigments are mined from the earth in the form of large rocks which are pulverized and then purified. We are currently experimenting with color extracts from plants but they present a major challenge in that they degrade over very short time. 

With foamy greetings / Mit Schäumlichen Grüße / Med boblende hilsner

Dag Søgaard

Chief Soap Engineer

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Dag Søgaard

Chief Soap Engineer

MSc. Biosystems Engineering

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