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About the name SAEW:


SAEW is a Danish word and means SOAP.


It comes from a specific mix of Funen- and north-western Jutlandic dialect in Denmark.


Even though it is a dialect word, it is easily recognized and understood throughout most of Denmark.


SAEW is pronounced by starting an s sound (like in Summer) while fake-smiling (like when youre smiling at your mother-in-law) for then to proceed pronouncing eeh (not iih, but eeh!) and remember to keep the fake smiley face while saying eeh - Proceed then from fake-smiley face to form a trumpet mouth (like saying an U) while maintaining the tongue's position throughout the process to say ow





All soaps are made by hand from start to finish + packing in either recycleable or compostable materials bought from trusted vendors. 

The process of production is often referred to as the "Cold Process" method which involves a hydrolysation and esterification reaction of triglycerides by sodium hydroxide to salts of fatty acids and free glycerides.

All recipes are thoroughly calculated and tested on laboratory standard equipment. 

The soaps are always made from vegan oils and natural additives for color and function. You will never see synthetic additives like sodium laureth sulfate in any product.

My philosophy of quality is to keep investigating and finding good ingredients from trusted sources to develop good skin-care products without the use of any synthetic emulsifiers which are not suited for skin care anyway. 

Storage of the Soaps:

The can be stored anywhere where it is not extremely humid. Nothing bad will happen to the soap if stored incorrectly but it will gather water from the air and create droplet on its surface which will feel sticky. 

If this has occured on your soap - Simply store it in dry environment for a days time.


Saew Danish Soapery

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