Saew Danish Soapery


Saew is a young cosmetics brand

Our main focus is to make delicious soaps

which will make you never want to leave your shower

Our current slogan is: 

"Til bløde kinder og glade numser"

it's Danish and means "For Soft Cheeks and Happy Buttocks"

(we might change it someday - or not)

Finely crafted

pure soaps

from plant oils

Enriched with

unique blends of aromatic essential oils and waxes

Each soap

is different

Bring Yours into a

Bathroom Adventure

Order your soaps here

Webshop is OPEN!

COVID-19 Update: Open and Shipping on Schedule

Orders to Germany have a long travel time

Online ordering &  Shipping

All orders will get extra soap presents!

Order processing: 2-3 work days

Shipping within Denmark is 5€ per order

2-3 work days delivery time

Shipping to Germany is 10€ per order

ABOUT THE PRICE: We know the shipping for Germany is truly expensive (it is temporary). Until we figure out a better solution we will compensate for the price with a larger amount of extra soap for each order.

2-3 weeks delivery time (This is crazy, we know)

Since we are currently shipping from Denmark, we are currently experiencing a major delay by mail and we are baffled as to why it takes so long to transport a package to a neighbouring country.

You can also find soaps in shops listed on the Shops page.

For other requests, write me a message on the About page